Leading the Blue Revolution

Marine Harvest represents excellence in the seafood sector. The company and its employees pride themselves on driving change and developing tomorrow’s technology for an even more sustainable future.
The organization is a people focused business. From farming to marketing roles, passionate and dedicated individuals are what make

Marine Harvest is a trusted and professional employer; through years of experience it has created a working environment and employee reward scheme that sets a benchmark for the industry. It ensures its people are protected and rewarded and it is a satisfying and exciting company to work for.
Most employees build a lifelong career within the business.


Marine Harvest’s Values

  • There is a passion for the company and its products that is key to its success – it is how Marine Harvest and its people make a difference.

  • For Marine Harvest change is the norm – it’s what puts the organisation at the forefront of the seafood industry. The business and its people strive for continual improvement.

  • With over 10,000 employees it’s essential that knowledge and experience be shared, to ensure efficiency. Marine Harvest encourages a spirit of openness and transparency internally and externally. Within the business this creates ample opportunities for each employee to make important contributions.

  • Marine Harvest is committed to addressing the social and environmental challenges that the seafood industry faces. Social responsibility and sustainability is embedded in every level of the business and is at the heart of its corporate culture.